About Us

The kitchen grill is designed for meat lovers, barbecue devotees, and for all those who love outside cooking. We help you grill the food, whether it is sear or smoke meat/food. You will get the details about products with their reviews also excellent tips and tricks to make your product long-lasting. We have arranged the content for all of you, whether you are an expert or beginner.

As you know, finding the right product over the internet can be challenging and awfully time-consuming. When you are here, don’t worry about it. We have researched and compared the most popular brands of the product and then listed them. We also give you the most inclusive and trustworthy purchasing advice to help you in making the right selection for you.


You are here means; you are interested to know about us. Well, we would love to tell you about our journey. Kitchen Grill was formed with the two experts and successful e-commerce capitalists Naomi Woolf & Maq Johan. We are sincere about getting outdoor cooking tools. We have tested so many products during our cooking life. We have enough knowledge and expertise in cooking awesome foods with branded products, that’s why we decide to bring it over the internet to help lots of people worldwide. 

Naomi Woolf

Maq Johan


We believe in invaluable information to be shared. We have set fundamentals and guidelines to help a group of people. Growing Kitchen Grill and providing helpful information to customers is a labor of love for us. 

Kitchen Grill is established on three core values.


Kitchen Grill is here for the customers. We are here to give you the best possible shopping experience at every chance. We also contribute to making delicious foods and sharing experiences with you. 


Community and strong relationships are considered a big part of success in business and life. Everything we do is supported by building solid and positive relationships with our customers.

We are building an outdoor cooking community, and we want you to be a part of that!


We know that online business depends heavily on trust. It is our priority that you, the customer, trust us.

 We aim to do business with the highest level of honesty and expertise. If we don’t do the right thing, we fix it.


We have our process to work. We have a team of testers and experts who invest their time in the research of each product. By using customers’ feedback and expert guidance, we list the products for you. We collect straightforward data and provide you with all the necessary information you need before making a purchase.

Thanks to visit here and stay connected with us! 🙂