Blackstone vs Camp Chef – Battle Of 2 Leading Grill Brands 2022

You’ll discover all you need to know about the flat top grill in this article, whether you’re in the market for one or simply curious about it. In this article, our primary emphasis will be Blackstone vs Camp Chef grills since they are two of the most popular models available in the industry.

Before going on to more complex issues, it’s necessary to grasp the distinctions between a flat top grill and other types of grills. We’ll compare and contrast the Blackstone and Camp Chef flat-top grills to see which one comes out on top in the next phase.

Blackstone vs Camp Chef – Brand Overviews

Blackstone: In 2008, Blackstone launched their first flat top grill, which they hoped to make inexpensive and accessible to everyone. They have swiftly become one of the most popular outdoor cooking products across all sorts of grills since their products are constructed to endure yet won’t break the budget. Today, they remain pioneers in flat top grill innovation and value for money.

Camp Chef: When Camp Chef was founded, it concentrated on making portable cooking gadgets for those who like spending time in the great outdoors. Ty Measom, the company’s founder, was an experienced traveler who saw a distinct dearth of high-quality cooking equipment that could be transported to a campground. Camp Chef started off creating portable stoves but has grown to include pellet grills, flat-top grills, and other products.

Blackstone vs Camp Chef Reviews

·         Blackstone Flat Top Grills

Blackstone is the manufacturer of the most popular griddles in the United States.

Despite what we discussed before about the differences between flat-top grills and griddles, Blackstone usually refers to its flat-top grills as griddles, which is a little confusing right off the outset. These phrases are often used interchangeably by Blackstone.

Camp Chef, on the other hand, also accomplishes this. So keep this in mind while you are looking for the products made by these companies online.

The 36-inch flat top grill, the 28-inch flat top grill, and the 17-inch tabletop grill are all available from Blackstone. The 17-inch tabletop grill will be ignored for the time being because it doesn’t fall into the category of a true grill.

Blackstone’s 36-inch flat top grill offers 720 square inches compared to the 28-inch model’s 472 square inches when it comes to cooking surface space. Each grill features four stainless steel burners that produce 60,000 BTUs, while the 28-inch grill has two stainless steel burners that produce 30,000 BTUs.

When cooking for big (or even medium) groups of people, the 36-inch flat top grill is the better option since it can cook more food at once. However, the 28-inch flat top grill is a fantastic choice for camping, home usage, outdoor parties, and gatherings.

Both the 36-inch and 28-inch models of these grills are foldable, making them ideal for outdoor use and portability.

Allowing for four heating zones and two heating zones, respectively, the 36-inch flat top grill has four stainless steel burners, while the 28-inch variant has two stainless steel burners. This gives you complete control over the cooking process and the final product’s temperature.

The dish may be prepared in one area and then moved to another to maintain its warmth, for example.

In both the 36-inch and 28-inch models, the gasoline is ignited by an electronic push-button ignition mechanism, so you won’t need a match or fuel starter to get started.

Two heavy-duty casters come with the 28-inch flat top grill, while the 36-inch flat top grill comes with four heavy-duty casters to make transporting it more convenient.

Both the 36-inch and 28-inch flat-top grills have shelves for storing all of your grilling tools, making it easy to keep everything neatly out of the way when not in use.

Since these flat-top grills have folding legs, you can easily take them to your camping or tailgate party without taking up much more room.

The back grease management system on both the 36-inch and 28-inch Blackstone flat-top grills is one of the most frustrating aspects of the grills, as it either leaks or traps food within and may become so hot that it can burn anybody who comes into touch with it.

Camp Chef grease management method, which will be discussed in the next section, beats Blackstone.

The 28-inch and 36-inch flat-top grills include a cold-rolled steel cooking surface and a black powder-coated steel frame. If you like the aesthetic of stainless steel, you may choose the 36-inch flat top grill with a stainless steel frame instead of the black powder-coated steel frame.

Blackstone flat-top grills listed here are good value for money. However, we prefer the 36 inch model over the 28 inch one. Let’s check at everything Camp Chef offers before deciding on a Blackstone flat top grill.

·         Camp Chef Top Grills

Camp Chef top grills come in two distinct sizes. The Camp Chef 600 and the Camp Chef 900 are flat-top grills, and both the 600 and 900 have a cooking surface size of 604 square inches.

The 475, a three-burner model, was once available but is no longer in production.

Each of the 600 and 900 models includes four stainless steel burners that generate 48,000 BTUs and six stainless steel burners that generate 72,000 BTUs.

Except for their BTU output and burner count, the Camp Chef flat-top grills seem to have many of the same characteristics as the Blackstone flat-top grills: cold rolled steel cooking surface, grease management, electrical push-button ignition, and shelves.

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Camp Chef Top Grill 900

If you are looking for a portable barbecue, the Blackstone flat-top grills are the best option since they are foldable with folding legs, but the Camp Chef grills are not. (The Portable Flat Top Barbecue 600 is a folding Camp Chef grill.)

To recapitulate, the Blackstone grills are an excellent option if you’re looking for a large, heavy-duty flat top grill that you can tote along with you on your next camping trip.

However, Camp Chef’s execution of the multiple features outperforms Blackstone’s in almost every other respect. For example, the Camp Chef flat-top grills have a significantly superior grease management system than the Blackstone grills.

Because of its front-mounted location, the Camp Chef grease system is more ergonomically situated, is substantially simpler to clean, and does not leak.

Batteries are not required for the Camp Chef’s electrical ignition mechanism, unlike the Blackstone’s, and each burner has an ignition. In addition, the stainless steel burners on Camp Chef models are protected from the wind by built-in windscreens, allowing them to remain lighted and keep their heat.

Grill grates are included with the Camp Chef 600, allowing you to cook meats with a lot of fat or are deeply marinated on the grill grate instead of the flat top grill cooking surface.

It’s worth noting that Camp Chef barbecues are a little more costly than Blackstone grills, but rest assured that the Blackstone grills are still excellent.

Flat Top Grill vs Regular Grill vs Griddle: Which Is Best?

Many people use the phrases “griddle” and “flat top grill” interchangeably, although they are, in fact, quite similar in their definitions. However, if we want to be technical, there are very few variances.

Grills with flat cooking surfaces are known as flat-top grills. The parallel sear marks on the protein you cook on a standard grill are achieved using a grill grate as the cooking surface. Because the grill’s grate has holes, fats and oils may drain away from the surface. This is not the case with a flat top grill because the surface is flat with no holes or apertures.

The cooking surface is comparable to that of a flat top grill. However, the cooking surface is heated differently on a griddle than on a flat top grill.

A skillet’s heating element is rectangular and spans the length of the griddle, but a flat top grill’s heating element is round, resulting in an equitable distribution of heat. Using a flat-top grill ensures that food is cooked evenly.

Flat top grills may also be used to cook pots and pans, which are normally not allowed on griddle pans. Nothing should be put directly on the grill’s surface except for food.

Food may be cooked directly on the grill or in a pan on a flat top. The cooking surface of a flat top grill is often manufactured with a heavier kind of steel than the cooking surface, which is another distinction between the two.

It’s a stovetop (with numerous circular burners) with a flat metal cooking surface put on top of it, like a flat-top grill. Because of this, pots and pans may be put directly on a flat top grill.

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Where Can You Typically Find and Use Flat Top Grills?

As a result of its enormous cooking surface area and ease of movement, flat-top grills are often used in restaurants like diners and burger shops to prepare big volumes of food.

Outdoors, flat-top grills may be powered by a propane tank, which is common. And they may be particularly beneficial for tailgate events or huge garden gatherings. Multiple burners of a different type may be used to heat an outdoor flat top grill instead of the standard spherical burners.

You won’t find a flat top grill on a typical kitchen range. On the other hand, if you want to add a flat top grill to your kitchen but don’t have the space for a whole new cooktop, an overlay may be purchased that covers two or three of your burners. A flat-top grill is created by converting a portion of your normal kitchen range.

What Kind of Foods Can You Prepare on a Flat Top Grill?

On a flat-top grill, you can cook anything from burgers to steak to seafood to sauces, and much more. Because of the flat top grill’s consistent heat distribution, the food you cook on it will be evenly cooked.

Because the cooking surface lacks a grate or any form of an aperture through which marinade or fat might drain, meats that are strongly marinated or have a lot of fat may not be the greatest choice for cooking on a flat top grill.

In addition, if you like the look of grill marks on your food, a flat-top grill isn’t for you. Since it will never generate them (although it will produce an even, complete sear on the outside). It also won’t give your meal a Smokey flavor, so you’re better off using a regular grill to get that flavor.

If you’re still certain that a flat top grill is right for you, we’ll compare two of the most popular models, Blackstone and Camp Chef.

FAQs About Blackstone vs Camp Chef

Is a Blackstone Griddle a Good Camping Appliance?

Yes! A locking device keeps the grills in motion whenever required, making the barbecues excellent for camping. Cooking many meals simultaneously on the same surface makes this stove excellent for competition. Keeping food warm in a chilly outdoor setting is also beneficial, making it a nice treat when camping.

Is it safe to cook on a Blackstone grill?

Of course! Because the grills feature an effective burner control system that can be turned on and off by pressing a button, they are completely safe. In addition, the interlocking wheels keep it immobile in a specific location, making it sturdy even on uneven terrain.

On average, how often should you clean your Blackstone Griddle?

After each usage, the Blackstone should be cleaned to ensure its long-term viability and effectiveness. A buildup of grease may reduce the grill’s efficiency. You may want to clean and season the grill before using it to get the best results.

Are Camp Chef Smokers Insulated?

Because it is fiberglass-insulated, you may smoke and grill all year round.

Will My Camp Chef Work Outside in the Rain?

In a moderate environment, you may leave the camp chef outdoors. As long as the weather isn’t too hot or cold, it’s OK to leave it out in the open.

Winner Of the Battle: Camp Chef

In the end, we found the Camp Chef flat-top grills to be superior to the Blackstone grills. We have nothing but praise for Camp Chef 600, which offers the best of both worlds.

However, if cost or mobility are important considerations, the Blackstone grills provide exceptional value for money. However, implementing some of the features on the Camp Chef grills is simply better than those of the other grills.

No matter what you choose, we hope you enjoy the advantages of flat top grilling.

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