Can you use grilling charcoal to remove odors?

Your house has a distinctive smell in some areas such as the bedroom, kitchen or fridge. Although you did find many ways to remove it, the odor is still there. Instead of spending too much money on baking soda or scented things, you can use charcoal. Let’s find out the question “can you use grilling charcoal to remove odors?”

Can you use grilling charcoal to remove odors? 

The answer is Yes. Just like other types of charcoal, grilling charcoal can remove bad and musty stale smells at every corner of your house. Charcoal can be used as a foul odor absorber when it must have exceptional porosity. The more porous charcoal is, the better smell is absorbed.

There are several different types of charcoal available with various functions, including grilling aquarium filters and even beauty.  However, not all types of charcoal can deodorize.

To remove odors, you should choose activated charcoal. The activated one is normal charcoal but it has been processed through heat.

Activated carbon can remove VOCs (toxic organic substances in the air that come from man-made products), eliminate odors, and control humidity by millions of tiny holes in the chemical structure.

It is extremely effective in removing bad odors in the house. Grilling charcoal can remove all kinds of unpleasant smells, including burnt foods, strong spices, tobacco, pet scents, or even new paint.

Application of grilling charcoal to remove odors in the house

If there are foul odors in your house, you have tried numerous ways such as scented bags, room spray, scented candles, etc. But the smell is still lingering, it makes your family uncomfortable.

Therefore, using grilling charcoal called activated charcoal to remove those bad smells is one of the effective ways to solve the root of the problem. Some areas below will be removed from bad odors by grilling charcoal, let’s explore:

Can you use grilling charcoal to remove odors?

In the refrigerator

The fridge is such a huge food storage in the family. Hence, if it is not cleaned regularly and properly, your fridge is more likely full of bacteria. This also causes some unpredictable problems for your and your family’s health.

You only need to put about 300 to 500 grams of grilling charcoal in a bowl or box or bag, then place it in the fridge. Just for a few hours, the charcoal will absorb odors. In addition, you also should clean your refrigerator regularly to limit the smell.

In the kitchen

The kitchen is the place to prepare food, so it synthesizes a lot of scents such as cooking, grease, musty smells, etc. You should place grilling charcoal in places that often generate odors, including the cooking area, garbage place, or less-cleaned corners of the wall so that the activated carbon can absorb all the bad odors.

In the bedroom

The bedroom is the ideal place for you after an exhausting day. But if your room is full of smells from equipment, food smells, or the scents of the humid weather, it will make you very uncomfortable as well as cause respiratory diseases.

Especially because of the Covid-19 pandemic, you almost are in your bedroom. Thus, your room mustn’t be as clean and fragrant as possible. Activated charcoal ought to stay in the corners of the room and it will reduce humidity for a ventilated room space.

In the car

Cars are places with very small and closed spaces. You have to close the doors all the time, especially when using the air conditioners in cars, resulting in no air circulation.

Besides, if you work as a driver, you spend so much time in your car like eating, drinking, and smoking. The smell of the car will be getting worse and worse. It can cause discomfort and car sickness for yourself as well as your passengers. Place a bag of 300-500 grams of activated charcoal in your car. It will solve all the foul odors in the car.

In the shoe cabinet

The shoe cabinet with the main function is to store shoes neatly as well as to increase the aesthetics of the family’s living space. However, in the process of using the shoe cabinet, it is difficult to avoid unpleasant odors from the shoes.

So to deodorize the shoe cabinet and leave the shoes no longer smelly, you should put activated carbon bags in the shoes. This will protect the durability of the shoes, and create a comfortable feeling when opening the cabinet.

Kinds of activated charcoal

There are 3 different types of activated charcoal

Powder form: This type is often used to filter odors, colors, and some substances in water. Yet, they are in powder form so they are easily washed out.

Granulated form: This kind of charcoal is made up of small particles. Therefore, it is more stable and durable than powder-activated carbon.

Similar to the powder form, granular activated carbon is also used to filter odors, colors, and some substances in water. But this form is a better choice for you.

Block form: It is made up of long cylindrical blocks, with higher durability than the other two types. However, this type is rarely used to filter odors but is often used to filter water. Thanks to its solid structure, impurities are easily retained, giving water filtration performance.

Final Thoughts

Charcoal can actually remove foul odors in the house but not all types can do well. Only activated carbon or grilling charcoal in specific can reduce humidity and absorb all the bad odors. In addition, you should choose the proper form of activated charcoal for your needs.

Above is the information shared to answer the question “can you use grilling charcoal to remove odors”. Hopefully, through this article, you will decide the best choice for yourself.

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