How Often Should You Clean Your Grill? Deep Cleaning and Maintenance

If you are wondering, how often should you clean your grill, this article would be helpful for you. You will also entertain with cleaning and maintenance tips. So, keep reading.

When it is summer, your grill should be ready for seasonal backyard barbeques, burgers, and other cookouts. If you have not used your grill from the last summer, now you have to clean it thoroughly. Not everybody loves this tough job but your grill must be clean for better enactment.

The grill must be clean before use whether it is a charcoal or gas grill.

How Often Should You Clean Your Grill

You should keep your grill clean and safe for the next grilling session. Cleaning, not only makes your grill safe to use but also cooks food that is safe for your health. Because, when you don’t clean your grill properly carbo, grease and other toxic deposits build up. If these damaging instances are included in your food, they will definitely harm your health. So, you must be active in cleaning your grill.

Clean your grill after every use

Grilling season is always fun and tasty in the evening parties. To keep that fun, you should keep simple cleaning of your grill after every use. It is an easy job to make your grill best for further cooking adventure. The cooking chamber should be clean before you start grilling.

Disadvantage: If you don’t clean the grill, many unwanted substances are left there in the cooking chamber. These particles such as ashes, grease become not only disturb the smooth flow of gas but also result in mandatory flare-ups. These deposits become dry and hard to remove if you get late in cleaning your grill.

 So, don’t show your laziness …..D: and make sure to clean your grill after every use. 

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How long will it take to clean your grill?

It doesn’t take too much time in regular cleaning. If clean after every use, the cleaning process will have done in 10 minutes.

Deep clean your grill after every six month

If you are a regular user of the grill, it is vital to deep clean your grill after every six months. This cleaning job will take time and effort. Since you will disassemble your grill down to the burners, grill grates.

Firstly, clean up the inside area of the grill including the burner, grates, and cooking area. After that, it is important to clean outside of the grill too. Because it collects dust, dirt, grease. Make sure perfect clean your grill to make it durable for years to come.

How long will it take to clean your grill?

If you clean your grill on monthly basis, it will take 40 minutes to an hour. The timing depends on the type of your grill. The grills with complex features can take an hour or above.

How can you deep clean a grill for better performance

It is essential to clean up your grill before cooking healthy food. But some people are careless about the grill and don’t keep the grill clean because of their laziness. I am going to share with you easy cleaning tips to keep your grill clean every time.

  • Burn your grill at maximum temperature to scorch grease or dry deposits. It will take time, till then make a soapy warm water and dip the wire brush in it.
  • Now scrub off all the particles or carbon from the grates and let the grill cool entirely.
  • After the grill is cool, put out all the grates and flavored bars and dip them into a bucket of warm soapy water.
  • If your grill is featured with other detached parts too; put them off and clean them. Disconnect your gas tank to make cleaning easy and simple.
  • After removing grates and other parts, the firebox becomes easy to clean.  Use a wet or dry vacuum to collect the remaining particles inside the firebox.
  • Take a wire brush and scrub the soaked grates and other parts. Clean all the stubborn particles and residue from your cast iron grates.
  • The best way to clean a cast-iron grate is a cleaner spray. It will remove everything without harming the surface. [Make sure the use of gloves as these chemicals are strong, can irritate your skin]
  • Use a paper towel and completely dry your grates to avoid rusting.
  • Never forget to clean the burner tubes. Take a wire bottle brush and clean the inside of each burner tube.
  • In the end, wash the exterior grill with clean water of dish soap. Scrub the whole body of your grill with a kitchen sponge and then dry all the surface with a microfiber towel. [Avoid the use of steel wool, metal sponge, coarse scouring pads as they can scratch the surface]
  • Now it’s time to reassemble all the parts you removed and fix all those parts as before.

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Cleaning Comparison between Charcoal and Gas Grill

Charcoal and gas grills, both are easy to clean. However, these grills can be compared on their type. The charcoal grill has fewer features that’s why it consumes a short time in cleaning.

On the other hand, the gas grill comes with advancement. It has multiple disassemble parts that are easy to clean. In this way, it consumes time more than a charcoal grill.

Both grills need a thorough cleaning before cooking. If you want to enjoy a tasty steak or burger, make sure the grill has a seasonal deep cleaning before use.

Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Grill Perfect

If you are a grill lover and want to enjoy tasty food every time, you must take care of your grill. Apart from cleaning, your grill should be maintained for every grilling session.

  • You should keep checking propane gas once a month. If there is any leakage happening, make the connection tightened.
  • If you see defective gas tubes, replace them to avoid damage.
  • Make sure your grill is fully covered after being used, it will protect your grill from rust.

One thing you should never forget, continuous cleaning and maintenance will help your grill to perform the best for a long time.


Cleaning your grill is essential to enjoy mouthwatering steaks, meats, and burgers. When you cook on a cleaned grill, you get the natural taste of food. A dirty grill adds a burnt metal taste to your food.

Moreover, you will get better grilling with a cleaned grill since no flare-ups will be left on the cooking grates.

How often should you clean your grill….depends on the type of the grill too. But we recommend you clean it after every use. Because regular cleaning takes short time and you will get the best grilling results.

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