The Best Oil For Grill Grates | Season Your Grill Grates

When you are enjoying grilled and smoky food you can’t neglect the cleaning of your grill. Oiling is one of the most important parts while cleaning. The other significant thing to be considered is the best oil for grill grates. If you use precise oil you can maintain your grill condition for ideal taste and performance.

In order to get the best results of BBQ grill and the best flavors of your outdoor grill, one thing you have to do is “season” your grill. Seasoning your grill means making the grill plates function and perform at their crucial during the life of your grill. Here we will see the best oil for grill grates and how to season your grill.

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What is the Best Oil for Grill Grates?

When cleaning of your grill has been done, time to oil your grill before cooking. You always need to know about the best oils for grill to make their performance better.

The use of high-temperature cooking oils is best to season your grill grates. Such oils have high smoke points that mean they can endure high temperatures. For oiling your grill, we endorse oils with the highest smoke points. Their heating range should be 400°F to 450°F.

We have arranged a list of high-temperature oils that are useable to oil your grill.

Pomace Oil470°F
Sunflower Seed Oil440-450°F
Corn Oil450°F
Avocado Oil520°F
Grapeseed oil420°F
Canola Oil375-450°F
Vegetable Oil428°F
Peanut Oil450°F

How to Oil or Season Your Grill Grates?

Oil your grill grates right after cleaning your grill or before placing food on them. You can oil your grill grates in many ways depending on the condition whether they are hot or cold.

Wipe it down: Wipe down all your grill grates with a soft wet cloth to remove deposits or food particles.

Coat it: When the grill is off and all the grates are cold, coat all cooking areas with cooking oil. Use cooking oil that stays safe at high temperatures. Stay away from using olive oil.

Heat up the grill: Heat up your grill from low to medium settings just for 15 minutes until oil burns off or start smoking.

Whichever method you use, make sure your cooking surface is dark and well-seasoned. It is helpful to make your grill hotter when cooking. You can follow this oiling process for both old and new grills.

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Is It Safe To Use Spray Cooking Oil For Grill Grates?

You can use spray cooking oil on grill grates but before that make sure the grill is cold. The reason is that spray cooking oils are aerosol (enclosed under pressure and released as a fine spray by means of a propellant gas). When it is exposed on high heat grill grates, can blast or burst flames.

On the other hand, the propellants in the spray are not good for the environment.

That’s why the more simple and efficient way is to dampen a paper towel with that oil and spread it over the grill grates. Again, your grill must be cold as the oil would not add calories to the dish since it runs on the grill.

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Related FAQs

Which oil is recommended to season grill grates?

Seasoning or oiling grill grates comprise very high heat. So, most grill manufactures recommend canola or peanut oil. Because they have a 450° F smoke point. Besides that, you can also use sunflower oil, avocado oil, or vegetable oil.

How long should I burn off a new grill?

After removing manufacture particles or dust, burn your grill for 20 to 30 minutes before the first use.

Should I season my cast iron grill grates?

Yes! Before you cook on cast iron grates you must wash and season them. It will prevent grill grates from rusting.

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